Mixtape Reviews: Wendell Mitchell, Christ Koumadje, and Isaiah Moss

I breakdown SMU prospects Wendell Mitchell, Christ Koumadje, and Isaiah Moss:

Wendell Mitchell- SG, Rockdale HS (TX)

Scoring: In one word, Mitchell is a scorer. He is a talented, athletic combination guard with an excellent jumper. He is also a very fluid player who can score on all three levels and finish above the rim on the break. Mitchell is strong for his size and very aggressive on the offensive end. He isn’t afraid to take any shot on the floor and can shoot over taller defenders because of the high elevation and release on his jumper. He needs to improve his ball handling and shot selection before playing in college, but Mitchell is already an elite scorer for his age.

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Five-star big man Elijah Thomas lists SMU in top-six

Class of 2015 five-star big man Elijah Thomas has narrowed his list down to just six schools: SMU, Illinois, LSU, Texas A&M, Oklahoma State, and UNLV.

“I’m ready to take all five of my official visits and figure out where I’m going by the end of November,” Thomas said.

The 6-foot-9, 250 pound center is one of the best big men in the country and currently ranked No. 13 overall in his class.

“I have two visits planned right now,” Thomas said. “I’m going to Oklahoma State on the 13th of September and Illinois on the 19th of September. I’m planning my other three visits now.”

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Class of 2015 three-star Kerwin Roach puts SMU in top-11

UPDATE (Aug. 7th): Roach released his top-11 and SMU was included along with Temple, Texas, Colorado, Marquette, Kansas State, Arkansas, Oklahoma State, Oklahoma, California, and Wichita State.

ORIGINAL POST (Aug. 1st): Class of 2015 three-star Kerwin Roach is planning on releasing his top-11 list of schools very soon.

One thing that’s already certain: SMU will make the cut.

“I’m thinking about releasing my list of about 10-11 schools this week,” Roach said. “SMU will make that list. I think they have a great program and I want to learn more about it.”

Roach called his interest level in the Mustangs “medium.” The 6-foot-4, 180-pound guard says the terrific coaching staff and renovations to new Moody Coliseum make the Hilltop a very attractive option.

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Mixtape Reviews: Tyler Dorsey, Jimmy Whitt, and Kerwin Roach

I breakdown SMU prospects Tyler Dorsey, Jimmy Whitt, and Kerwin Roach:

Tyler Dorsey- St. John Bosco HS (CA)

Scoring: Dorsey is an elite shooting guard prospect and one of the best players in the class of 2015. His combination of size, skill, and athleticism make him nearly impossible to stop when he gets it going offensively. He has a terrific pull-up jumper with a nice, high release, but is especially explosive in the open court and in transition. Dorsey uses his speed and frame to attack the basket and finish around the hoop with ease. He still has some maturing to do, but Dorsey has a rare ability to score the basketball and a terrific approach to the game.

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SMU offers 2015 Illinois three-star Isaiah Moss

Since the loss of assistant coach Jerrance Howard, SMU hasn’t done as much recruiting in the Illinois area as they used to. Now, it appears Larry Brown and his coaching staff are refocusing their efforts there.

Earlier this week, the Mustangs offered class of 2015 wing Isaiah Moss from Simeon Career Academy. At 6-foot-6 and 190 pounds, the three-star from Frankfort, IL doesn’t know much about SMU, but says he will strongly consider the Mustangs because of what they have done with Sterling Brown and Ben Moore.

“I’m really interested,” Moss said. “I didn’t think they would offer me before the year. I know Ben Moore goes there and he went to Bolingbrook. Sterling is from the area, too. I have played with Ben a couple times. He’s really good and looks comfortable and happy over there. I’m very interested.”

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SMU makes class of 2015 three-star Trey Lowe’s list

Last night, class of 2015 small forward Trey Lowe cut his list of schools down to just four: SMU, St. Joseph’s, Temple, and VCU.

Lowe is a 6-foot-6, 175 pounder who is a member of Team Final in AAU and attends Ewing HS in New Jersey. Although the Mustangs were late to offer him, Lowe says he remains very intrigued by the possibility of playing for Larry Brown.

“I know they came on late, but it’s still a great school in my eyes,” Lowe said. “There’s a lot to like, and I’m obviously very interested since I kept them on my list. Now, I can start to really look at each school individually. I’ll probably make my decision and commit in September.”

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Q&A with SMU guard Sterling Brown

Q: Last year, Larry Brown said you improved a lot throughout the season. What was the biggest improvement you made?
A: “Just being comfortable on the floor and getting into the rhythm of things. Things were a lot different from high school moving into college. The transition was a big difference. I just had to get adjusted to the game and the speed.”

Q: You have a lot of people in your life to help you like your brother, Coach Brown, etc. Is there anyone you think has taught you more than anyone else?
A: “If I had to say someone, I would say my brother. He taught me a lot. Just watching him do all the levels, like high school, college, and the NBA. That taught me a lot. I just learn from everybody. Everywhere I go I try to learn as much as I can. I’m just trying to improve my game for the team.”

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